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    Dongyang Datong Electric Appliances Factory is mainly business in innovation, production and sale with DC power source including plating power source, electrolytic power source, oxidized power source and electrophoretic coating power source. Nowadays, they are has been the member of China Surface Engineering Association and China Power Source Association Team.

    They has nearly 15 years experience in power source production. They adopted advanced technique and carry on ISO9000 and sustain to supply best quality and after sale service. The products are widely used in the field of machinery, metallurgy, petrifaction and mining. Parts of products sell to Taiwan, Korea and South East Asia Region.

    They persist in technical innovation and develop the new products. From the beginning of 90s, they start promote national key projects: to replace the imported efficiency and energy-saving type DT series plating power source. These years, they marketed twelve-phase rectifier low wave power source, pulse plating power source, high-powered AC pulse superposition oxidized power source, AC/DC superposition power source, AC asymmetrical power supply and high frequency switch type plating source. All products covered metal surface treatment fields. With installed hour maters function and supplied digital display and microcomputer technology, the plating source has reached a high stage. New developed constant current density control plating source has been achieve many years great wishes with advanced design ideas
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    Add: Ge Shan Route, Dongyang City Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang,China Tel: 0579-86814828 13758962764 E-mail:cnzjdt@163.com
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